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Media Converters

Media Converters provide a quick & easy way to convert a ‘copper’ Cat5/Cat5e link to a Fibre link (100BaseFX etc.) and vice versa in seconds!

They work by converting a digital signal (electrical source) to an optical signal so that the light can travel
down the glass in fibre optic cable for many hundreds (& thousands) of metres.

Reasons for using Media Converters might be to -

1) Install a fibre beyond the limits of Cat5 (which is 100 metres) to a remote location,
2) Being totally unaffected by electrical storms (being non-metallic) it can be used in outside areas to say link to buildings together,
3) Future proofing the network for the upcoming communications standards (i.e. 10Gigabit)

Most Dynamode Media Converters are Multimode and work over either 50/125 or 62.5/125 multimode fibre types (they auto sense this for you). However, our TT100-TF100-SC-S works on higher power Lasers to send the signal up to 20Km for special applications on 9/125 Fibre types.

Dynamode Media Converts are totally reliable and last for years in continuous usage.

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